Second Chance volunteer project

Posted: November 14, 2009 by aleiva2012 in 1

On Saturday, November 14th the Zeta Tau chapter of APO went down to Columbia to help out Second Chance Animal Shelter. They are a non-profit no kill animal shelter. We went down and took nine dogs out for a “Dog Day’s Out” on the town. We took them in car rides, and walks around the park and downtown. We had an amazing time and even got one of the dogs adopted!


Zeta Tau and the dogs.

  1. Bro.Meng Balbuena says:

    Congratulations my brothers and sisters of ALPHA PHI OMEGA , Zeta Tau Chapter for being so active in our oraganization.Keep up on our three guiding principles..LEADERSHIP,FRIENDSHIP,SERVICE .

  2. Angelica Randall says:

    In April we volunteered at Second Chance’s annual benefit thing and one of the other dogs in this picture was adopted there 🙂

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